Offshore Sportsbooks

BetOnline is an offshore sportsbook that can be recommended to any body wanting to wager on sports. Typically, BetOnline has lines from all the top sporting leagues around the world. With tons of bets, and a huge sign up bonus, you are sure to be pleased with your selection in BetOnline Sportsbook.

From the same people that bring you wonderful Offshore Sportsbooks such as BetOnline, comes DSI. Diamond Sportsbook is literally one of the best book makers out there. They have tons of bets from the best leagues including all American professional sporting leagues. Make your first deposit at DSI and earn as much $500 with a 20% match bonus.

In all of our years of dealing with the best Offshore Sportsbooks we must say the Bovada has proven themselves to be amongst the elite providers. It starts with their 10% unlimited sportsbook matching bonus and extends all the way to their easy deposit methods as well as their first class customer service. Anyone looking to get into online sports betting would be wise to begin with Bovada Sportsbook.

The staff at 5 Dimes treat everyone just as if they were family. Never before have a nicer group of people set out to provide online sports betting than what we've found at 5 Dimes. In addition, 5 Dimes offers one of the most generous deposit bonuses we've come across. Get as much as $250 when taking advantage of the 50% matching deposit bonus which all new sports bettors are entitled.

Whenever looking for the most fun and elaborate bets, check no further than SportsBetting. The crew at SportsBetting is very professional and are at the top of their game when it comes to providing Offshore Sports Betting services. New depositors will love the first time deposit bonus found at SportsBetting as it is worth up to $100 with a 100% sportsbook match bonus. Easy deposits and huge bonuses are just one of many highlights of this Offshore Sportsbook.

Offshore Sportsbooks

Sports betting within the United States is typically regarded as illegal, but only for the operator. Those operating sportsbooks within the USA may be prosecuted by the Department of Justice, but the operation of Offshore Sportsbooks is still considered legal. That being said, you can legally place wagers on all sorts of sports through a sportsbook that is established outside of the United States. Most of these Offshore Sports Betting Sites hail from the Caribbean region, so your money will still be relatively close to home. Sports betting is widely regarded as game for experts, though even the most rudimentary of sporting fans can find a chance to earn money through this channel of gambling.

Best Offshore Sportsbooks Deposit Bonus Sportsbook Bonus Codes
Visit Bovada Spotsbook
10% Unlimited
Visit BetOnline Sportsbook
50% to $250
Visit 5 Dimes Sportsbook
100% to $100
Visit DSI
20% to $500
Visit SportsBetting
20% to $500


Bovada Sportsbook

best offshore sportsbooks Visit Bovada Sportsbook 10% Unlimited Matching Bonus
USA Players Accepted

Bovada is the king of the hill, period. Bovada is one of the Offshore Sports Betting Sites that has solidified its reputation for excellent service. While they also have a casino and a poker room, their sportsbook is by far the best location for sports betting on the web. No one section of their site is truly better than the other, but their sportsbook is where most players tend to congregate. Sporting fans, experienced bettors, and even complete novices can manage to use the tools and statistics Bovada offers to help them make money. Amongst the deposit methods accepted at Bovada you will find eWalletXpress, VISA, MasterCard, American Express, 900Pay, Virtual Pin, and prepaid cards. Bovada will pay you your money through a wire transfer or a delivered check, so there need be no worries in that department. Bovada is also responsible for the best possible deposit bonus on the web. They will give a 10% unlimited match bonus to all first time depositors, and this carries a rollover rate that you will never see outside of Bovada. Your rollover multiplier will only be 1, meaning you will not have to wager obscene amounts before you can cash out your bonus.

DSI Sportsbook

best offshore sportsbooks Visit DSI Sportsbook 20% Bonus Good To $500
USA Players Accepted

DSI is another of the biggest Online Offshore Sportsbooks out there. They offer a solid deposit bonus, one that can give up to $500 dollars of free play. This will come at a 20% match, and carries a 5x rollover. DSI requires you to use one of the following deposit methods to fund your account - IPoint, Money Orders, Diners Club, JCB Card, Bank Wire, Wire Transfer, personal checks, American Express, MasterCard, VISA, PICClub, 900Pay, and eWalletXpress. As you can see, the list is massive. You should never encounter an issue when trying to fund your account. DSI creates more lines and better odds then several competitors, meaning more bets per day than any other location.

BetOnline Sportsbook

best offshore sportsbooks Visit BetOnline Sportsbook 20% Bonus Good To $500
USA Players Accepted

As an offshore sports book available to USA bettors, BetOnline did not mince words when they were choosing their name. Their book includes all forms of sports, from individual and team, to automotive and thoroughbred. Regardless of location, BetOnline will take your bets. They offer a 10% match to $500 dollars, giving you a 3x rollover. They take one of the larger sets of deposit methods, ranging from eWalletXpress, all credit cards except for Discover cards, PICClub, IPoint, Wire Transfers, and checks. BetOnline has a high level of honesty, and they will never breach the trust involved in this form of Offshore Sports Gambling. Rather than turn to unscrupulous, illegal sportsbooks, try BetOnline's services, as you may find you could make massive amounts of money through your wagering.

SportsBetting Sportsbook

best offshore sportsbooks Visit SportsBetting Sportsbook 15% Bonus Good To $250
USA Players Accepted

SportsBetting also offers one of the Best Offshore Sportsbooks catering to the American dollar. They have a highly mutable bonus, and it typically depends on the way you load money. They require the use of a bonus code, IDB1, to apply the bonus. They give a 15% to $250 dollar match when you use eChecks, money transfers, and credit cards. This is essentially your only way to deposit, which is VISA, MasterCard, eChecks, and transfers. They also offer a 10% to $250 reload bonus using the code RB1, and this will work on Instant Checks and money transfers. They only give a 5% match on credit card reloads, so you may want to consider another line of money. They have a fully functional casino and a tournament running poker room, giving you plenty of opportunities to get your gamble on when there are no games. This is also one of the best usa online sportsbooks available.

5 Dimes Sportsbook

best offshore sportsbooks Visit 5 Dimes Sportsbook 50% Bonus Good For $250
USA Players Accepted

Then we have 5 Dimes. 5 Dimes is a self explanatory site - a Caribbean based, Online Off-Shore Sports Books. The not only have an initial bonus, but also a reload bonus. The first bonus you receive is a 50% match to $250 dollars. The reload bonus is slightly less, but is still infinitely exceptional. They give a 10% match to $250 dollars on each reload you make, all to increase your betting potential. They are one of the few UseMyWallet sports betting sites, giving you access to one of the best possible deposit methods. Then they have the Quicktender, eWalletXpress, 900Pay, and credit card options. That being said, you should realistically never have an issue with making your deposits. UseMyWallet, checks, and transfers are all viable pay out methods. 5 Dimes is one of the fastest sportsbooks, financially speaking, so you should rarely encounter a waiting period longer than a weeks time for your payouts.

Wagerweb Sportsbook

best offshore sportsbooks Visit Wagerweb Sportsbook 50% Bonus Worth Up To $250
USA Players Accepted

Wagerweb is one of the Sports Betting Sites Offshore that is rapidly growing at an exponential rate. They have not been around as long as most of the other sports betting sites, but they have never the less managed to create a service that is unmatched. Wagerweb encompassing the entire sporting world, as well as most of the proposition bets surrounding media and politics. They offer one of the largest sportsbook deposit bonuses as well, which gives a 50% match to $250 dollars. This is also granted on a reload, giving you a vault of money in which you can make your wagers. Wagerweb accepts several deposit methods, including VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, JCB Card, and cash transfers. They frequently run different promotions to help your game, including a poker and casino bonus.

More About Offshore Sportsbooks

Sportsbook Offshore aims to bring you a deeper insight surrounding some of the better Online Sportsbooks out there. Most of them run the same bets, both type and line, but they all have different features to keep them separate from the others. Each sportsbook has different bonuses, a unique interface, accepts a wide variety of deposit methods, and runs different lines on different events. Regardless, you will always find a sportsbook that is capable of handling all the bets you could ever wish to make, and most of them do so in a timely manner. Most offshore online sportsbooks allow you to look at odds before you actually sign up or deposit money, making the choice slightly easier. You can always cross reference odds between sportsbooks to see if the match up on which you wish to bet has odds you find appropriate.

Offshore Sportsbook Bonuses

In a country so enveloped with sporting events, it is no wonder that sports betting has taken off to the levels is has reached. Sports gambling is an industry worth billions, and the stream of money could ultimately be sent in your direction. One way that this will begin is through Offshore Sportsbook Bonuses. These bonuses provide free play for bettors to utilize when they are just beginning their endeavors, or periodically throughout their pursuits. Sportsbook match bonuses are the primary way that a sports betting site will grant free play. Match bonuses will take your deposit, throw a percentage in front of it, and give you an amount of free play according to how much you actually deposited. This can be anywhere from a 10% match to a 100% match, though they rarely go over the 100% mark. Should you be lucky enough to live near a legal land based sportsbook, you may want to consider remaining online, as brick and mortar sportsbooks do not offer these bonuses. Other promotions include reduced juice on winning bets, cash back for failed parlay bets, and rebate bonuses refunded to your account for a lost bet.

Interface Of Offshore Sportsbooks

The interface Offshore Sports Betting Sites use is of key importance. A sportsbook with a difficult user interface can make your betting experience thoroughly miserable. If that is the case, you may even have trouble placing bets. Fortunately for you, all of the sportsbooks we feature through this site have a simple, easy to use interface. A few clicks of the mouse is all it takes for you to place your wager, and some of them even offer phone based betting. If you are at your favorite bar watching your favorite game, with half time right around the corner, you can call your sportsbook and place a bet instantly on the second half. All of the major bets, as well as the odds associated with them, are right on the page listing the lines. It has never been easier for even a novice to jump into an online sportsbook and immediately be able to place a bet without actually creating a challenging process.

Sports Available At Offshore Sportsbooks

While each sportsbook takes bets on different sports, there are five events you can always count on through any and all sportsbooks. The NFL is the most popular sport in the United States, as well as one of the top ten in the world, so all sportsbooks will have lines on every possible NFL game, from preseason to the Pro Bowl. The NBA, MLB, and NHL, while not as massive as the NFL, all have lines associated with most games throughout their respective seasons. This means more MLB lines than you could possibly fathom. Soccer is the largest sport in the world, and each sports book offshore will invariably have lines on most soccer events. Racing events, such as the NASCAR and Formula 1 events, also have affiliated lines in most, if not all, of the online sports betting sites. Thoroughbred races are also a regular occurrence, allowing players to place wagers on horses and greyhounds from around the country, and in some cases around the world. Then there are the proposition bets that have nothing to do with sports. For an interactive look at television shows, a political involvement beyond voting, or a way to watch the stock market without actually owning shares, look into Off Shore Online Sportsbooks - they usually provide betting lines for these events.

Betting Lines At Offshore Sportsbooks

Money lines also vary from sportsbook to sportsbook. The most common types are always present. These are straight bets, also known as the money line, over and under bets, which take a total score predetermined by a sportsbook and you must wager on whether or not the teams involved will exceed or fail to meet that score, as well as the spread bet. Spread bets are slightly more confusing. Spread bets involve an amount of points that the underdog or favorite will win or lose by. Typically, the spread will be a number plus half of a point, as to prevent the push. Many Sportsbooks Offshore also offer parlay bets, which is essentially one bet spread across many events. This can be as low as two events and as high as fifteen. These carry massive pay outs, though if one event is a failed bet, the entire parlay was for not. Pleasers and Teasers are two of the better paying bets as well, and both involve adding or subtracting points to the spread to increase or decrease the payout. If you a certain of a team, subtracting points from the spread could significantly increase your earnings, while adding points to the spread will decrease your earnings, but make the bet easier to succeed. Finally, you will find futures. Future bets allow wagering on an event that has not occurred yet, nor will it occur for months down the line. Futures include betting on the Super Bowl before the regular season begins, or betting on who will win the Stanley cup prior to the next NHL season. While these bets are difficult to win and judge, they have huge payouts - sometimes with odds over +10,000. Many of the Best Online Sportsbooks take all of these sports betting types, but you should check on the sportsbook to ensure they have the bet of your choice.

Poker Rooms At Offshore Sportsbooks

Sportsbooks usually include other types of gambling as well. It is not uncommon to see an offshore online sports betting site that has a poker section or an online casino. This is helpful, as you may wish to keep all the gambling you do to one site. The Top Offshore Sportsbooks will frequently offer different bonuses for the different sections of their site, so you should always be able to rake in additional money regardless of where you are putting down your money. All of these sites seek to exemplify convenience, which is precisely what you will find regardless of what form of gambling in which you wish to engage.

Offshore Sportsbook Deposit Methods

The financial portion of your sports betting career is one that could be confusing, though it does not have to be. This part can be easy, depending on your location and how you will load the account, or it could be a royal pain in the backside to make Offshore Sportsbook Deposits. USA sportsbooks do not have as many options as some of the non USA betting sites. There are many options available, but very few are similar. The most common ways are credit cards and e-wallets, though prepaid cards and wire transfers also help. When making a withdrawal, you have fewer options - the sportsbook will either send you a check by mail, or they will wire the money directly into your bank or e-wallet account. Either way, it shouldn't take too long for you to send or receive your money, though the time period is totally dependant on how you actually choose to get the money into the sportsbook.

Offshore Sportsbook FAQ

Are offshore sports books legal?

Of course! Otherwise we would not be helping you engage in such an activity.

Can my offshore sports betting site be trusted?

Any sportsbook you find through our site is as trustworthy as they are honorable, and your money will never be deemed unsafe.

Where can I learn more about the types of bets?

Each sportsbook usually contains a knowledge base. You should be able to find all of the applicable information through the bookie.

Are sportsbook casinos better than a stand alone casino?

Usually these built in casinos are just as good as a normal online casino, though sometimes they are very limited in what games they have.

What about sports book poker? are these poker rooms viable?

Definitely! Some of the sportsbooks advertise their poker room more than they do their betting section.